Pokemon Go Challenge: Find Your Way Home

Can’t get enough of Pokemon Go? Got some free time on your hands? If so, why not try the find your way home challenge with Pokemon Go?

The Concept

Here’s the idea: A while back I heard of the “Find Your Way Home” challenge from either a podcast or Vsauce and the idea is to use generate a random location in the world and use Google Maps Street View to navigate your way to an airport or your entire way back home. Mapcrunch does exactly that where it randomly places you at some location in the world and shows you the street view of that location. Using this concept, why not try the same with Pokemon Go? How you might ask? Use an Android emulator that supports GPS functionallity, I recommend Leapdroid 1.3.0,use Mapcrunch to randomly generate a location until you get a street address (sometimes you get unnamed roads) and input that into the GPS location setting on Leapdroid.


Guide to setting up Pokemon Go on Leapdroid can be found here.

Pokemon Go setup TL;DR:

  1. Download and install Leapdroid 1.3.0, Link
  2. Search Pokemon Go on Google Playstore on Leapdroid and install
  3. Set initial location via More button on right of Leapdroid
    1. For the Find your way home challenge, open up Mapcrunch and generate a location, Link.
    2. Set initial location as the generated Mapcrunch location
  4. Run Pokemon Go
    1. if you have No GPS signal, access location services through settings, turn off and back on. This might freeze Leapdroid so just restart once toggled.
    2. To move, go into keymapping setting, also on right, click compass icon and click anywhere on screen, this should create a compass icon. Click save and enable keymapping. Close out of keymapping.


Once setup is done, start your adventure by creating a new Pokemon Go account and using both mapcrunch and Pokemon Go*. (Make sure you create a new account as playing on an emulator has a potential to banning of the account on the device, I will not be responsible for any bans that occurs, just be cautious). You can use the compass the orient yourself in both Go and mapcrunch. I would also recommend you travel with mapcrunch as you travel in Pokemon Go and use Pokestops to make sure you’re going the right way.

*Make sure you create a new account as playing on an emulator has a potential to banning of the account on the device, I will not be responsible for any bans that occurs, just be cautious.


overview setup

All set for this adventure


I’ll be updating this section as more ideas come to mind.

  • Each Pokestop can only be used once (might have to be reduced in more populated pokestop areas)
  •  Use only mapcrunch and Pokemon Go map to navigate, means no Google Maps to route home
  • You can battle gyms at anytime you like, however every 10th gym you see, you must challenge, once after Lv 5 (might be modified)
  • (some rule regarding rival gyms)
  • (some rule about how many pokemon you can catch per area/how leveling works)
  • (some rule about generating a story of the pokestops and encounters you have regarding battling gyms or the pokestops you visit and all the lure modules going off or the random pokemon you see, something like nuzlocke challenge)


Ending Notes

While Pokemon Go isn’t officially supported on emulators, has statements regarding GPS spoofing being permanently bannable, and controversy about being played on an emulator due to morals with cheating while other Pokemon Go users work harder, I personally think this would be a neat idea to try out, especially for people who want to play, but have no legitimate means to play, be it disabilities or lack of supported devices. The game was meant to be enjoyed by interacting with other users as you journey to capture Pokemon and take over gyms and I respect that, but at the same time, how cool would it be to have your own journey while waiting to play legitimately?

Note: As I hear, Pokemon Go has yet to issue permanent bans due to server issues, and emulator users, the big spoofers, have been flagged, so try out the challenge before Niantic bans all emulator users! (Note: I don’t know the specifics of how Niantic will ban GPS spoofers or what registers as cheating. GPS spoofing has been said to be clearly against the terms of service


If you have any other rule ideas, contact me through the contact page! I’d like to hear suggestions you may have.



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