[How To] Leapdroid Importing Data (Updated)

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So a while back I posted a temporary fix to how you could import your Leapdroid data files, which can be found here. The problem was that it was a tedious process of switching out files or else Leapdroid would fail to start up. After some tinkering around and the help of a commenter, a long term solution has been found and it’s rather simple.


First before updating your build of Leapdroid, create a backup of the “data.vmdk” file found in your Documents\Leapdroid\VMs\vm(1 or 2). You can also just take the file and drag it to your desktop.


After reinstalling Leapdroid, back into your Documents\Leapdroid\VMs\vm(1 or 2) and create a new folder with whatever you want to name it (ex: Backup) and then go into the Leapdroid folder in your program files and access VirtualBox.exe, this should be located at C:\Program Files\Leapdroid\VM\.





selectOnce Leapdroid VM Manager is running, look under the Storage tab and select SATA Port 1: data.vmdk > Choose disk image and find where your data.vmdk backup is located. Once selected, you’re all good to go!  This should server as a long term solution to the issue.


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