Animation Throwdown: TQFC Starter Guide


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Here’s a quick starting guide on Animation Throwdown covering some the basic differences between starting characters and special effects.

  • Perks of each starting character with starting hp and rare cards (attack/health)
    • Bob from Bob’s Burgers starts with 24 hp with rare cards of Teddy(4/8) and Gene(3/10)
    • Roger from American Dad has 22 hp with rares of haley (4/7) and Klaus (3/9)
    • Brian from Family Guy has 27hp with rare cards as meg(2/12) and quagmire(5/7)
    • Leela from Futurama starts with 24hp with rare cards as Hermes(4/8) and Professor Farnsworth(2/12)
    • Bobby from King of the Hill starts with 22 hp with rare cards as Bill(5/7) and Luanne(4/8)



Legend of special effects found (from what I’ve encountered so far)

  • What each effect does
    • Gas: attacked enemy takes additional damage each turn
    • Cheer: Increases friendly attack
    • Payback: deals damage to unit that attacked
    • Jab: reduce effect preventing damage when attacking
    • Cripple: reduce random enemy attack
    • Sturdy: blocks damage when attacked
    • Heal:  restore health on a card
    • Shield: prevent damage to a same franchise unit
    • Recover: gain additional max hp whenever you play a combo. (Could possibly have same effect on attack as shown on last image)
    • Punch: deals damage to random enemy card
    • Fangs: Recover unit hp upon attack (not shown)
    • Bomb = ?Additionally, each effect can have a variation which is shown by a different color icon as seen with Cripple and Cripple all. This could be the same with Recover and an attack Recover as seen on the last image.
      *This list is not complete, but includes what I’ve seen so far in the game.

      More effects can be found here:

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