Clash of Clans Thoughts from a late player

Clash of clans has been a long running game with a huge fan following and with that, plenty of guides and resources on how to get the best out of your experience with this big title. I thought I’d provide some of my experience with being a late comer to the game and some things I’ve found to help me out when playing (some really beginner things).


Wait out the building process in the beginning. Lots of sources say to save your gems early on so that you can get more builders quickly. While minor, you can still avoid the quick build option the game suggests to you during the tutorial by waiting for your upgrades. While you only spend 1 or 2 gems for those quick upgrades, but those gems can add up quickly if you’re not paying attention. Additionally, the wait time for early building is only a few seconds so might as well grab some snacks while you wait!


Focus on resource gathering early on. As a new player, you start with a 3 Day shield that protects you from attacks, however What I didn’t know was that as you attacked other players, it felt like my shield had been draining. What also didn’t help was I sometimes attacked when my camps weren’t full nor did I have enough troops. Playing in the premade supercell levels was a bigger boost in resources than attacking other players early in the game which was something I totally missed. This also means to upgrade your resource buildings early on and to gather more troops so that you can tackle more heavily defended camps.


When you do attack, look for better camps. As suggested from other people, sometimes it’s just better to find a weaker camp with high resources. It’s not very expensive to look for another opponent and as an invader, its advised that you look for easy targets rather than the heavily fortified. Often times I failed an invasion because I didn’t look for easier picks.


Playing clash of clans on a pc can be a very enjoyable experience. As of late, I’ve done most of my mobile gaming (ironically) on my pc because my mobile device doesn’t have sufficient memory anymore and that the battery drains too quickly. Thus I’ve been playing Clash of Clans on Leapdroid, an android emulator, which in hindsight was a good start given the larger screen and more precise actions. While I started playing CoC on Leapdroid, I’ve also started playing Monster Super League on my mobile device and that’s when I realized how much of a better experience it was to play on a larger screen. CoC felt like any other gaming experience because it was on PC and the game play felt like it could be easily managed with mouse and keyboard and the same applied for monster super league.


Additionally here are a few links to guides that I found to have some really useful information. You can find even more resources on YouTube, reddit, or even by asking your local CoC player. I’m sure they’d love to help you out!



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