Monster Super League Random Tips


Hello! Recently I’ve been playing Monster Super League, a monster raising game on both iOS and Android and I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned during my course of the game.

  1. Auto-battle Detects rare Astromon. The tutorial will teach you about the auto-battle feature, but, iirc, doesn’t mention that auto-battle will stop if you run into a rare Astromon. I found out about this after several rare encounters while watching my game on auto-battle. Additionally, if you missed it, failed attempts to capture an astromon grants increased capture rate on the astromon you are attempting to capture, up to 30%. This is shown by the red % number next to your capture rate.
  2. Different Gem Setups. If you’ve acquired duplicate astromon, you may have noticed that each one might have different gem socket arrangements, which means if you have a favor in certain gems over other shaped gems, you might want to tailor to a more specific socket setup. While minor, it’s something I noticed.
  3. Nezz grants Astrogems. While on your ship, you may have noticed a glowing aura around trees and rocks. Clicking on these enough times will grant you some bonus items which can be picked up in your inbox. But did you know you have a chance to encounter Nezz which will give you 3 astrogems after clicking on him. He can be found randomly on your ship with an explanation mark above him so it will be hard to miss. So far I’ve found him in 4 different locations.
  4. Like what you like? A lot of you may wonder what likes do in the game in terms of comments or another player. From what I’ve noticed, likes don’t really do anything. They don’t provide crazy benefits or gems like what others say they do, rather I think having a certain number of likes provides the player reputation as their font color can change. So don’t fall for these peoples tricks. (Edit: As of 9/12/16, it seems that colored texts have been disabled due to all the spam that the system generated, so like what you like!)
  5. Born to be a Leader? Leader skills are a staple of most unit based games like Puzzle and Dragons, Brave Frontier, and more. However, in Monster Super League Astromon may have Leader skills, but only the Variant variety have access to their leader skills. Variant astromon can be acquired by chance in dungeons and by summons. Additionally, if you acquire a variant of a unit that you already have, you can transfer the variant status by using the variant as awakening material. Once the unit evolves, it will take on the variant status.
  6. Gotta Catch em all. Try to capture all the new astromon you encounter as each new capture/acquisition will reward you with 5 or 10 astrogems in your astrolog. This also applies to evolving your astromon.
  7. Don’t fight fire with fire. Always follow the weakness chart as it will make a big difference in your win rate, especially in the arena. For a while I thought I was under leveled and that I could power my way through some fights, but I was sadly mistaken. Gain the advantage by training several astromon of varying elements such that you can build a team best suited for any situation. It will make your like a whole lot easier.
  8. Low Power Mode. Finding your battery being drained? Then try low power mode. In the settings menu, you can enable low power mode along with low resolution to reduce the power strain on your mobile device. Additionally, if you want to take it a step further, you can play Monster Super League on an Android emulator, such as Leapdroid. I’ve done most of my play at home on my mobile device, but given the screen size and play length, playing on my PC would have been a better start. The biggest eye catcher is higher texture quality on an emulator alongside with higher frame rate. However, emulator usage might not be covered under the terms of service and thus might be a gamble.leapdroid
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  9. Likes belong on Facebook. You can get 10 astrogems for logging into your social media account (Facebook) which also serves to back up your game. Additionally, you can use this feature to play on Leapdroid if you so choose. Just note that if you are coming from an iOS to Android, your gems might not transfer over due to varying currency rates on each respective store. I don’t think you will lose astrogems, but they won’t show up on the other device.
  10. 10+1 is more than 10. Save up your astrogems for the 10+1 roll rather than rolling when you can. Though it may be tempting to just roll as soon as you get 60 astrogems, its best to save up as you get a better deal and you get a guaranteed variant. Given the launch of the game, its actually quite easy to gather 600 astrogems. With the current launch event, you get about 310 gems at the start of your game and by doing missions and playing the game you quickly acquire astrogems.
  11. Fruits are nutritious on Mondays. While I haven’t played for over a week, I have noticed that there is an increase exp bonus on fire fruits on Monday. According to the trends of unit based games like Monster Super League, each day of the week most likely corresponds to bonus exp for each elemental fruit so save up those fruits and feed them on the right days!
  12. Re:birth. There is a rebirth system in Monster Super League where you can give up 5 of your natural 3 star astromon for another 3-5 astromon from the rebirth list which, I believe, refreshes once a month. Currently, September 2016, the different elements of Miho can be acquired from rebirth. From what I’ve heard, the dark element of Miho is the best. At the highest evolution, Dark Horan is a tank which has a skill that increases her attack proportional to her max HP. That just sounds amazing!

Hope these tips help you out!