Microsoft Word on Android Emulator

I was browsing the Google playstore and I thought, you know it would pretty handy if you can use Microsoft word for free on PC and then it hit me, you technically (in a way) can! So here’s a guide detailing just that.

This method involves using the mobile version of Microsoft Word on the Google playstore along with Leapdroid, an Android emulator. You could probably use another emulator, but I have only tried this on Leapdroid, plus I recommend Leapdroid because of its speedy start up.



By now, if not earlier, you might have thought what benefit do I have using a mobile version of Word when I can use Google Docs or Apache OpenOffice on my PC which are also free alternatives? While the mobile version of Word may not be more productive than using Google Docs on PC,  mobile Word can be useful when opening documents that have been written or edited in Word that have certain formatting properties. I’ve had this issue in the past where opening Word documents, like my resume,  in Google Docs would change the layout or someone would send me a Word file with specific formatting properties.


Install/File Access

Getting mobile Word onto your PC is fairly quick and easy. Simply download Leapdroid, access the playstore, and download Microsoft Word. Once installed you’re all set to type, but in order to carry that new Word file you’ve made, create a Dropbox account if you don’t already have one and link it to your Word app under the File Tab. Once you have Dropbox setup you can download the program onto your computer to create the a shared folder so that you can directly access the files you’ve created with Word on Leapdroid.

Leapdroid Link

Dropbox Link

TL;DR Steps

  1. Download and install Leapdroid or other Android Emulator
  2. Once installed and running, navigate to playstore and download Microsoft Word
  3. To retrieve files, set up a Dropbox account and connect your Office app to your Dropbox account.
  4. Download and install Dropbox program and enter your Dropbox account information to directly access files.


Additionally if you want to print the Word Document from your computer, you can download Microsoft Word Viewer and print from there. Here’s a link to the suggestion and a link to Microsoft.


After a bit of use and some getting used to, using the app version of Word felt felt pretty good and I can see myself using this method if I didn’t already have Microsoft Office. This could also benefit those who really want to use Microsoft Word and not Google Docs, but while you can keymap the some icons to emulate shortucts, the lack of original shortcuts feels weird.

Additionally, if you are a student with a .edu email, you can get a free license for Microsoft Office directly from Microsoft. Check it out Here.


A user on reddit has pointed out that there is an existing free Microsoft Office service online at


Hope you found this useful!



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